Spirit, Soul, and Body

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From the Back of the Book

"Who has not struggled over our belief or our unbelief when we are faced with an overwhelming life situation? For many years my family has observed the Jackson family live out biblical truths and promises which spiritually stretch and challenge so many of us. This marvelous booklet simply and succinctly shows us how to have the overcoming life that God desires for us and purchased for us with the precious blood of His only begotten Son, Jesus."

Bob Hackman, M.D.

"I am privileged to watch physical healing when a diseased organ is surgically removed or repaired. However, I have also watched people suffer after their physical pain or disease was relieved. This book outlines steps that offer spiritual healing, as well as physical healing, through repentence and forgiveness. If I took away your pain, would you still suffer? Our only option for complete healing and relief from suffering is presented in the truths of this book."

Wayne Westmoreland, M.D.